When you face tough regulatory challenges, and failure to comply is not an option, we respond to exceed requirements and expectations.


Contaminated Site Cleanup / Brownfield

We are able to coordinate all construction phases on contaminated industrial and Brownfields Re-Development sites. Services include abatement and demolition, excavation and delineation of contaminated soils, remediation activities, removal and replacement of underground utilities with final grading and capping as may be required.  Materials are handled in accordance with the site specific Contaminated Media Management Plan (CMMP) and other regulatory guidelines.

Discharge Permit Compliance

We can help with in-the-field Discharge Permit Compliance issues. From implementing BMP’s on the front end to the construction and operation of treatment systems prior to the point of discharge, we are prepared to insure compliance. One specialty area is effluent monitoring and sampling including the real time measurement of biological oxygen demand (BOD) utilizing ISCO / STIP instrumentation.

Remediation Systems / Pilot Test

We offer 20+ years’ experience in the design and construction of environmental remediation systems.  We mobilize equipment and perform pilot tests of technologies including Ground Water Pump & Treat, Soil Vapor Extraction, Air Sparging and Dual-Phase Extraction.  Equipment in stock include regenerative and rotary claw blowers, hi-pressure rotary vane compressors, liquid ring pumps, moisture knock-out tanks, filtration housings, and carbon vessels for liquid and vapor phase discharge streams.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management

UST Management & Decommissioning

Terra Hydr performs underground storage tank (UST) decommissioning services to API – RP1604 standards.  We maintain current ODEQ UST and HOT Service Providers Licensing and can provide complete LUST site excavation, remediation and restoration activities.r liquid and vapor phase discharge streams.

  • OSHA Hazwoper Supervisor
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Contractor Licencing for Oregon, Washington and Idaho
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Excavation / Underground Utilities
  • Dewatering – Treatment Systems
  • Demolition and Abatement
  • Dry Air Movers / Vacuum Excavation
  • Liquid Vacuum Trucks / Pumping
  • Hydroblasting and Pressure Washing
  • Process System Install, Operate & Maintain